"What if you could completely re-imagine your next company event?

If want to make it an event that people will actually look forward to, you're at the right place!"

Introducing The Mango Lounge – a business/conference venue that’s different from anything you’ve ever seen.

You’ve heard of destination weddings, now here’s a chance for you to have a ‘destination conference’ – that too just 45 minutes from the city!


Nestled in the foothills of Pune’s iconic Sinhagad, just about 20 kms from Pune City, The Mango Lounge
is surrounded by a couple of acres of mango orchards and farmland.
And yet, it boasts of world-class conference facilities to meet all your business needs

Conference hall

A large conference hall suitable for 100 pax (Can also be divided into 2 separate halls)


An open air café facing the Sinhagad fort and an open C-shaped veranda also facing the fort.

Sky lawn areas

Two open to sky lawn areas that can accommodate up to 80 pax


Lounge that can accommodate up to 80 pax


Air-conditioning, audio visual devices, high-speed Internet, flexible seating configurations and power backup

Sports lounge

A sports lounge with facilities for snooker, Cards, Chess, Carrom

Recreational Activities

Outdoor games like sling shot, archery, Big Snakes and Ladders, Mini Golf, Archery, Hand catapult Bullock Cart Ride(Prior intimation required.) Guided Farm Tour Camp Fire (In Winter Only)


Well, then take them ‘out of the box’ first!
Come to The Mango Lounge!

Our Services

The Mango Lounge provides an ideal venue for a variety of corporate gatherings.


The annual conference doesn’t have to be in a staid, formal environment for it to be effective. With a capacity of 100 pax., The Mango Lounge is an ideal venue.


Whether it is a board meeting or a leadership team brain-storming session, The Mango Lounge is a great venue for you to think ‘out of the box.’


With a large conference room, dining areas and scenic break-out areas, The Mango Lounge is great for you intensive training sessions

Audio / Video Calls

Need to host a joint meeting with your overseas team? With high-speed Internet and conference facility, The Mango Lounge meets your requirements just fine

Team building activities

The Mango Lounge’s great location allows you to ‘get out of the city’ without really having to get out of the city making it perfect for team building activities.

Corporate Luncheons/Dinners

Formal and informal dining areas coupled with a world-class conference room makes The Mango Lounge perfect for celebratory or planning sessions around lunch/dinner.

Dealer meets

Conveniently located less than an hour away from the Pune Airport and Railway Station, The Mango Lounge works well for dealer meets for both city-based and outstation dealers.

Industry events

Whether it is a doctors’ conference or a start-up meet or a marketing conference or a hackathon, do it at the Mango Lounge.

And much more!

A colleague’s work anniversary? Retirement bash? A company milestone? Or even a personal engagement party, the Mango Lounge is the right place

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About Us

Building an innovative conference facility in the lap of nature

The Mango Lounge is a truly unique conference facility that offers world-class business facilities along with
the absolutely priceless experience of breathing the fresh air of a beautiful mango orchard, just 20 kms from Pune.
The team of promoters comprises nature lovers with extensive corporate experience,
thereby ensuring that The Mango Lounge has the right mix of nature and business needs.


At The Mango Lounge our motto is 100% customer delight!


Our Process

Six simple steps to organizing a successful and memorable event at The Mango Lounge


Make an enquiry


Finalize customized event plan


Get quote


Pay the advance


Experience a great event


Make balance payment…and relax


The Mango Lounge offers customized and flexible packages designed based on your unique requirements.

We also offer Seasonal or Festive packages like Kojagiri celebrations, Dandiya party, Diwali party, Christmas party

Few packages are listed below

  • Team building
    9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Team building with professionals
  • Exclusive access to 3 acre farm land with Mango Orchard
  • Short Farm tour
  • Breakfast, Tea/ coffee, Lunch, Tea/coffee with cookies
  • Both Veg and Non-veg food can be served. Please contact on 7066429290 to pre-decide menu.
  • Evening Meet
    5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Well equipped AC Conferencing facility
  • Short Farm tour
  • Evening snacks, Tea/ coffee, Dinner
  • Cocktail / Liquor at extra cost
  • Both Veg and Non-veg food can be served. Please contact on 7066429290 to pre-decide menu.
  • Day Outing
    9:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Guided Farm tour with farm activities
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Bird watching opportunity
  • Lord shiva temple visit
  • Welcome Tea/ coffee, Lunch, Afternoon Tea/coffee with cookies
  • Sinhagad Trek (Extra charges applicable)

  • Photography

  • Pre-wedding photoshoot
  • Portfolio shoot
  • TV serial / films shooting
  • Any other kind of personal / commercial photo shoot
  • Tea/coffee with cookies
  • Lunch / dinner only on request with extra charges

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Birding at The Mango Lounge

Bird watching is a fascinating activity. Thanks to our bird watcher friend, Mr. Sameer Mudaye, we discovered the variety of birds at The Mango Lounge.

He observed a total of 26 species in just about 2 hours time at The Mango Lounge.

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HR Manager's Monologue

Being an HR manager, a small part of my job is to find the perfect locations for our company’s annual functions, team building events, training programs, corporate seminars, etc. And every single time, hunting for such a destination is a task! So, while doing my research for our company’s upcoming Annual Day Event this year, I stumbled upon this little boutique property (“boutique property” you can use this ) called “The Mango Lounge”. Nestled at the foothills of Sinhagad, the place is surrounded by lush green trees on all four sides. It was a no-brainer for me! Such a location would be ideal for our employees, who spend their days in Air-conditioned offices staring at computer screens, and have little chance to live and breathe in nature!

I called up The Mango Lounge to get some basic information, and was really impressed by their overall demeanour. They gave me a comprehensive overview of their setup, the services they offer, facilities, their payment structures, etc. This was enough to convince me that a trip to this location would not disappoint. So, I gathered up a few of my team members and decided to go on a short, but serene road-trip.

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The Mango Lounge - The Ultimate Location for every event"

Looking for an off-beat location for your family function? Raiding Google for the ideal destination for a surprise birthday party? Dreaming of that picture-perfect site for a destination wedding? Well, The Mango Lounge can be your easiest answer!

We are located in the midst of nature, just a stone’s throw away from Sinhagad, surrounded by greenery on every side! Our facility has been developed with attention to customers’ needs, and our team strives to provide the most impeccable service!

Amongst the many facilities that The Mango Lounge offers, one of our favourites to work on is Social Events! From Destination weddings, to Munj Ceremony, Naming Ceremony, Birthday Parties, Family (or NRI) get-togethers, Kitty Parties, book clubs, school picnics, to, summer camps, we are open to all your events!

Here’s a quick glimpse of how we make it happen-

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The Mango Lounge – A Paradise for Corporate Ninjas

The corporate culture these days is quite dynamic. It’s not always about board-room meetings, presentations in swanky offices, and seminars in posh, air-conditioned halls. People are now looking for venues that are more interactive, engaging, and even informal. Such set-ups naturally meet the objectives of the event; but also foster team spirit, co-operation, and stronger interpersonal relations among members of the organization. Understanding these additional benefits, organizations are now on the lookout for opportunities of more experiential training, an inclusive seminar, or a more informal meeting! Adding to that is the culture of guest lectures or talk shows by eminent personalities making value additions to employees’ knowledge base and expertise.

The Mango Lounge has well-studied these changing approaches, and created an environment that perfectly suits the bill. Our indoor and outdoor locations are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the corporate crowd to the very last detail. Spread over a wide area, our facility has a variety of location options to cater to groups of all sizes, and support any kind of event requirements.

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Bring the Western Corn Maze experience to our homeland!

The idea of corn mazes isn’t alien to us. Massive spreads of corn farms designed meticulously into intriguing maze structures have become a tourist attraction in the West, especially in North America. Certain stories also have mentions of corn mazes dating back 4000 years in Greek mythology. Some of the finest, and most grand mazes have even been seen in England. The rich and wealthy once created them for their kings and princes as a source of amusement. The task was rather simple – reach the centre of the maze, and then find your way back! Corn mazes have also been a source of expressing rich cultural heritage for many. They have been used to depict French cathedral inlays, beautiful ancient gardens, taking inspiration from the art of labyrinths.

Today, Corn Mazes have gained popularity in a slightly revamped form, making them globally popular tourist destinations. Mazes are created with great attention to structural details and crop type, and designed into complex patterns. Tourists can come here for a unique experience of walking around these massive, life-size mazes, and more importantly, finding their way out (good luck with that!). However, designing these is no less than a herculean task. Farmers have to decide on the right type of crop, the kind of maze design that is to be created, the appropriate season for plantation, other aids such as fertilizers and pesticides, the right soil type, and much more. But when done methodically with these careful considerations, these crop mazes are a treat for tourists!

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